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Our Metaverse 

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AV is uniting its passion for Anime, Manga and gaming with Web3 technology to build a series of worlds, or Villages, and Avatars to explore, buy, sell and engage with friends and fellow fans.


From NFTs, RPGs and story-driven quests to all-original Manga, live events, shopping venues and more — AV is taking engagement to the next level with a wholly immersive, intuitive and decentralized virtual space.

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Whether it's buying and selling in our Metaverse, traversing the vast landscapes with your custom or Anime Village Avatar , or just hanging out with virtual friends. It’s your call.

  • Dare to challenge one of many quests inspired by AV’s all-original Manga.

  • Take in a live concert or sporting event.

  • Watch your favorite Anime or check out our latest Manga.

  • Customize your land to build your personal brand or business.



Whatever the AV product or service, it’s driven by the latest Web3 technology and original narratives that add a whole new dimension to the Metaverse experience:



  • Based on our original Manga series: Adamanto, Cro-MAGNON, (un)Dead Reckoning and Toon & Kigo

  • Choose your unique NFT and outfit your Avatar with the same, one-of-a-kind accessories, artifacts and clothing



  • Driven by storylines introduced in our original Manga series

  • ·Earn rewards, upgrades and more to outfit your Avatar, customize your land and earn discounts on partner merch 



  • Action, Adventure, Supernatural and Slice-of-Life-inspired content

  • Relive the adventures by taking your Avatar on Metaverse quests and events


Venues and Events:

  • Feeds to live concerts and sporting events

  • Sit back and relax in our virtual theatre to check out the late

Anime Village Tech and Content
AV World Map online


Once you’ve gotten a bit more familiar with Village 555, it’s time to journey to one of our Genre Villages:


  • Fury Falls (action). Your best bet if you’re into Cyberpunk, Gaming, Martial Arts, Mecha, Sports or Super Heroes


  • Legends Gate (adventure). Your best bet if you’re into Space, Historical, Military, Sci-Fi or Epics


  • Mystic Valley (supernatural). Your best bet if you’re into Demons, Monsters, Fantasy or Magic


  • Harmony Hills (slice of life). Your best bet if you’re into Musicals, School Days, Comedy, Drama or Romance


No matter which Village you choose, each offers a different look, activities, landscapes, vehicles, creatures, characters, shops and experiences. What they all share in common is that they transport you into a living, breathing Anime!

Suki and House


Anime Village is overseen by its diminutive but highly capable guide, Suki. Perched high atop Manaka Tower in her virtual Hollow, Suki is always raring and ready to help visitors create an experience that’s custom-tailored to their exact tastes.


Suki is especially useful to new visitors who need a helping hand (or is that wing?). By posing a few simple questions, Suki can quickly decide on the visitor’s ‘best bet’ Genre Village.


Anime Village's resident guide is also here to deliver all manner of company updates, news and offers via email notifications, DMs and will also be featured in her very own NFT series .




Village 555, the hub of our Metaverse, is where your journey begins. You can choose from our all-original Avatars, or build your very own with our Avatar Builder. Once your virtual self is GTG, you’ll be ready to explore and interact with your friends via our pending connectivity to social platforms including Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, Discord and more.

Actual Metaverse environment

Animae Village 555


Looking for some action? Then Fury Falls is your destination. Inspired by some of the most exciting (and perilous) adventures in classic and modern-day mythology, you and your Avatar better keep your eyes peeled because you never know what’s lurking around the corner.

Artist rendering. Coming 2023

FuryFalls World


If your tastes are a bit more arcane, Mystic Valley should be your first stop. The most magically malevolent creatures and characters are the inspiration behind AV’s most nefarious of Villages, so you’d better make sure you have your incantations at the ready.

Artist rendering. Coming 2023

Mystic Valley World


Is Adventure your bag? If so, Legend’s Gate will be your go-to Village. Timeless, awe-inspiring quests await as you traverse the myriad landscapes and towns that comprise one of the most electrifying destinations in the Anime Village Metaverse.

Artist rendering. Coming 2023

Legends-Gate World

(slice of life)

Fun, eclectic and oh-so-groovy, Harmony Hills is where the party’s at. For fans into more casual, dramatic and comedic fare, this is the Village for you and all your friends to connect, share, buy sell and engage.

Artist rendering. Coming 2023

Harmony-Hills World



Our Avatars are inspired by some of the most popular narratives out there — Action, Adventure, Supernatural and Slice of Life. These all-original characters  will be featured in our upcoming Manga titles: Adamanto, CroMagnum, (un)Dead Reckoniing and Toon & Kigo.


If you want to create your very own Avatar, we’ve got you covered. Our custom Avatar Builder is simple to use, and lets you define your virtual self precisely as you see fit.

Want to customize your AV or personal Avatar? Equip your ‘virtual self’ with all manner of artifacts, equipment, accessories and clothing from AV’s Avatar Boutique.

We’ll be launching a multitude of sub-genres later on down the line with their proud Avatars, so no matter what your favorite type of tale might be, you’ll never be disappointed.

AV Character three.png
Shin'ichi Character


Shin’Ichi Tanso, a third generation bladesmith, quickly proved to be a master craftsman. He also displayed an uncanny knack for physical combat and ascended to master-level status in archery, dagger throwing, fencing and horsemanship.


Shin’ichi was inducted into the Fumetsu Cadre, where he became one of the elite corps’ most accomplished members. His exploits soon caught the eye of Amenomahitotsu no Kami, Shinto God of Iron, who had just stolen the legendary Hárpē, Perseus’ sword. Constructed of adamantine, or adamant as it was commonly called, the alloy was deemed ‘unbreakable.’ Fusing it with a corrupted form of Blood Magic, the God of Iron created the Nexus of Adamanto, this reality's most devastating weapon. When in contact with a human form, the Nexus transforms its wearer into an indestructible force of nature. Its user also ceases to age and their strength, speed, durability, and intelligence increases ten-fold.

AV Cromagnum 1.png



40,000 BC. Fiktor, leader of the Primari tribe of Meridiem (present day Bulgaria), was put to the ultimate test when the skies caught fire, ushering in a horde of aliens known as the Quaeri. The extraterrestrials’ prime mandate was sharing their advanced technology with primitive worlds. However, a small band of their envoys believed that this altruistic creed was detrimental to the advancement of their own race.


Upon their arrival to our galaxy, three of their scouting vessels attacked the natives, annihilating all but Fiktor, who sought refuge in one of the alien crafts. It was there that he was greeted by the Quaeri hive mind, Nōe, an impossibly advanced A.I. who was still committed to upholding its makers’ primary directive.


Nōe merged its consciousness with Fiktor, granting him access to millions of years of data the Quaeri had gathered during their intergalactic travels. The mind-meld also gave Fiktor control over the Quaeri’s ultimate artifact, Kreo matter, an interdimensional substance that allows Fiktor to fabricate all manner of weapons and objects with but a mere thought.

supernatural character

(un)Dead and Reckoning

On March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.1 earthquake struck Honshu to claim 18,000 lives. The most horrific after effect, however, was that it created a fissure leading to Yomi, land of the dead.


Fast-forward to the here and now. Japan is cordoned off with a 300-foot enchanted wall, known as Seiikiwhich. Not a single spirit has managed to breach it. But, the undead grow stronger being in such close proximity to the living and before long, break free.


The Japanese government enlist the disgraced necromancer, Airo no Seimei, a direct descendent of the exorcist, Abe no Seimei, to counter the threat. Along with his all-star decedent army, Airo enters the supernatural warzone to stop the spirits from unleashing hell on earth.

Toon & Kigo


Kei and Mei are twins born in São Paulo, Brazil, which saw a boom in Japanese migration at the onset of WWI. From an early age, the siblings displayed an uncanny affinity for music. This spurred their collective nickname of Toonkigō, which translates to ‘treble clef.’


Mei is the maestro of all things that move - Jazz, tap, salsa - if it’s got a beat, she can dance to it. Kei, on the other hand, has an extraordinary knack when it comes to playing any instrument. The first time he picked up a guitar when he was six, he mastered the instrument within minutes.


Together with their close-knit group of friends, Toon & Kigo trot the globe in search of new and exciting melodious inspirations.

Toon&Tigo character
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