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  • Greg Phillips

A Metaverse by any other name.

As we prepare to launch our playable demo (it’s coming next week, folks!), we thought it was a good time to discuss what makes @AViscoming different, or in marketing speak, our Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

From a Metaverse perspective, we set ourselves apart from the likes of Decentraland and the Sandbox as we’re introducing a story-driven virtual world. Actually, we’re launching four story-driven virtual worlds. But we’ll dig deeper into those details in just a bit.

Another ‘cool’ factor to our build is that what you see is what you get. Meaning, all the promo artwork, renderings and our forthcoming playable demo capture the actual look and feel of our Metaverse, so you won’t be disappointed by the final product.

Different by design.

When it comes to Metaverses, there are many different focuses, products and services. Decentraland, for instance, emphasizes buying, selling and trading digital land, while also featuring pastimes such as games and concerts.

The Sandbox, on the other hand, is more tailored for creators and gamers, allowing users to build their world as they see fit. There are many other players that have entered the Metaverse game — Illuvium, a decentralized RPG, along with Axie Infinity, Cryptovoxels, Bloktopia Metahero, Star Atlas, Roblox…the list goes on.

Where does Anime Village fit in?

Well, we don’t. And what we mean by that is we’re really the first of our kind — a story-driven Metaverse dedicated to Anime and Manga fans. Sure, we’ll offer RPGs and NFTs. But in our world, those are merely add-ons to make your experience that much better.

Your journey begins in Village 555.

Like we mentioned before, we’re creating a multitude of Metaverses. Five to be exact. The first, Village 555, is the hub of our virtual world, where you’ll be able to buy and sell land, play virtual games, attend live concerts and read our all-original Manga. Speaking of Manga, this is where Anime Village truly distinguishes itself. Because the narratives we’re running in these titles will be driving our Metaverses.

The first story-driven Metaverse(s).

As devout fans of Anime and Manga, the mandate for our Metaverse is to create a living, breathing virtual world that allows fans to experience their passions like never before. That got us to thinking about how we can not only differentiate ourselves from other virtual providers, but also create an integrated ecosystem that allows you to customize your journey to your exact specs.

The foundation for all of this are the ties between Metaverses and Mangas — creating genre-based virtual worlds that are supported by stories of their accompanying digital titles.


Artist rendering of Fury Falls, our ‘action’ village.

Anime Village will launch its first Metaverse, Fury Falls, in the coming months. This action-themed Metaverse is supported by its Manga, Adamanto (you can check out the ashcan here).

Fury Falls is inspired by some of the most exciting (and perilous) adventures in classic and modern-day mythology. You’ll also be able to explore these treacherous lands with Shin’ichi Tanso, the chief protagonist from the aforementioned Manga. And we’re planning on introducing other notable figures from the Adamanto lore like Lord Kami, Hina and Hinata and more!

Fury Falls will introduce all manner of sub-genres that fall under the ‘action’ nameplate — cyberpunk, martial arts, mecha, sports and superhero.

ADVENTURE is calling.

Artist rendering of Legends Gate, our ‘’adventure’ village.

If adventure is your thing, Legends Gate will be your go-to Village. Timeless, awe-inspiring quests await as you traverse the myriad landscapes and towns that comprise one of the most electrifying destinations in the Anime Village Metaverse.

Based on plotlines from our CroMAGNUM Manga, you’ll join Fiktor (he’ll be available as an Avatar, too) and his allies as you set upon a myriad of quests to help ensure the safety of the human race. Upcoming sub-genres include space, historical, military, sci-fi and epics.

(super)NATURAL selection.

Artist rendering of Mystic Valley, our ‘’supernatural’ village.

Mystic Valley is home to Anime Village’s supernatural stalwarts, led by the ever-engrossing (and over imbibing) necromancer, Airo no Seimei. This genre Village will feature stories introduced in our all-original Manga, (un)Dead Reckoning, with Avatars based on Airo and some of Japanese lore’s most famous and notorious spirits.

Upcoming sub-genres for Mystic Valley include demons, monsters, fantasy and, of course, magic.


Artist rendering of Harmony Hills, our ‘’slice of life’ Village.

Last, but certainly not least, comes our slice of life Village, Harmony Hills. Fun, eclectic and oh-so-groovy, this is where the party’s at. For fans into more casual, dramatic and comedic fare, this is the Village for you and all your friends to connect, share, buy sell and engage. You’ll also be introduced to Mei and Kei, the lead characters in the upcoming Manga Toon & Kigo (who will also be offered as playable Avatars!).

Sub-genres planned for this virtual Village include musicals, comedy, drama and romance.

The end…?

Not even close. We’re just getting started at Anime Village and we can’t wait to share our vision with all you Anime and Manga fans. In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing our playable demo, along with our first NFT series, along with the complete first chapter of Adamanto. We’ll keep you posted as we continue to prepare for these launches. In the meantime, please join us on Discord, Twitter, IG and TikTok for more news, insights and company updates.

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