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  • Greg Phillips

Game on!

When someone asks me what Anime Village is, my elevator pitch is that we’re building a social, story-driven, interoperable metaverse dedicated to anime, manga and gaming fans. This description definitely gets all the key words in there, though to truly appreciate what we’re building, we need to dive much deeper into the details.

That’s why we’re starting a new series of blogs that focus on what makes Anime Village different and most importantly, what’s in it for fans. The first series will focus on one of the most important parts of our business, which is gaming.

From downloadable RPGs and FPFs to in-Metaverse P2Es, console and mobile. We’re building games inspired by manga and anime, and this is where you can learn more about how we’re doing it. This week’s installment will give you an overview of the games we’re developing and from there, we’ll break them down into their respective categories.

Anime Village RPGs and P2E Metaverse games will feature all-original characters and stories including these colorful characters. From left to right: Shin’ichi Tanso, Airo no Seimei, croMAGNUM and Toon & Kigo.

The big picture.

We’re launching a multitude of different gaming experiences, including:

· RPGs: downloadable and driven by original manga stories

· P2E: GameFi, earn in-Metaverse Mekka coins or AVTS tokens

· FPF: Daily quests and activities in our genre-inspired metaverses

· Metaverse Multi-Quest: Team-based adventures for even bigger rewards and achievements

· Mini-Quests: Quick-hit earn and achievement in-metaverse games

· Console: Including Switch

· Mobile

Long story short.

The first step we took when developing our games was creating a series of engaging, original stories and characters. These plots and figures are featured in different environments and are all quite different, but follow the same blueprint as we prepare to release our first wave of games:

STEP 1: Manga — The figures and narratives we’ve created make their debut in their respective manga, beginning with our shonen, or action title: Adamanto (PS: you can read the first chapter here).

STEP 2: Virtual and Digital Assets — Next, these manga characters infiltrate our metaverse in the form of avatars and NFTs, while the worlds they live in will be created in our genre-based virtual villages, the first of which is out action-themed world, Fury Falls.

STEP 3: Game on! — This brings us to the gaming environments, the first of which will be P2E Metaverse quests and RPGs.

What makes a great gaming experience?

Whether it’s RPG, console or online, the most popular, fun-to-play games are the ones with the deepest storytelling and most engaging characters. That’s why Anime Village has gone to such great lengths to create its all-original tales, which are broken down into four key genres:


Our action series, Adamanto, focuses on the the Yamoto Clan, the 7th Century powerhouse seeking world domination by creating the deadliest weapon conceived by man or god.

· Key Characters: Shin’ichi Tanso, Lord Kami, Oda Nobunaga, Hina and Hinata Saito

· Key Appearances: Adamanto manga series, Tetsu Collection (NFTs)

· In the Metaverse: The stories and characters from Adamanto will be featured in our virtual action village, Fury Falls

· RPGs: We’re currently developing a series of RPGs, which are based on “Unbreakable,” the first volume of Adamanto.

Anime Village’s first wave of games will be based on the characters and stories introduced in our first all-original manga, Adamanto! From left to right: Shin’ichi Tanso and Fury Falls, our action-themed metaverse.


(un)Dead Reckoning is our original supernatural manga, featuring the necromancing exploits of Airo no Seimei, the direct descendant of history’s greatest onmyōji (and Adamanto supporting character), Abe no Seimei.

· Key Characters: Airo no Seimei, Abe, Daitengu, Enenra, Gashadokuro, Goryo, Gozu, Mezu

· Key Appearances: (un)Dead Reckoning manga series (coming late 2023), upcoming NFT Collections (’23)

· In the Metaverse: The stories and characters from (un)Dead Reckoning will be featured in our virtual supernatural village, Mystic Valley

· RPGs: We’re mapping out the stories and plotlines that will guide the build of the RPGs, which will feature this manga’s otherworldly characters and narratives.

(un)Dead Reckoning will spawn a frighteningly cool series of RPGs and in-metaverse P2Es in late ’23. From left to right: Airo no Seimei and Mystic Valley, our supernatural-themed metaverse.


The musically-inspired Toon & Kigo is our slice of life manga, which also incorporates comedy, drama and high-school day elements.

· Key Characters: Mei and Kei Kai (AKA Toon & Kigo)

· Key Appearances: Toon & Kigo manga series (coming early 2024), upcoming NFT Collections (’24)

· In the Metaverse: The stories and characters from Toon & Kigo will be featured in our virtual slice of life village, Harmony Hills

· RPGs: Toon & Kigo’s RPGs are being mapped out and we’ll have more details later this year.

For fans of musicals, comedies and drama, the Toon & Kigo manga, RPGs and P2Es (coming 2024) will not disappoint. From left to right: Mei and Kei Kai and Harmony Hills, our slice of life-themed metaverse.


For adventure fans, croMAGNUM will be your go-to manga. The story focuses on Fiktor, a cro magnon that lived 40,000 years ago, and how he discovered an alien artifact that turned him into a one-man army.

· Key Characters: Fiktor, Primari Tribe, the Quaeri, Nō

· Key Appearances: croMAGNUM manga series (coming 2024), upcoming NFT Collections (’24)

· In the Metaverse: The stories and characters from croMAGNUM will be featured in our virtual adventure village, Legends Gate

· RPGs: croMAGNUMs RPGs are being mapped out and we’ll have more details later this year

croMAGNUM, our action-themed manga, will be featured in its very own RPGs and P2Es in 2024. From left to right: Fiktor and Legends Gate, our adventure-themed metaverse.

That’s a wrap (for now).

And there you have it… Anime Village’s plans for the release of a slew of RPGs and in-metaverse P2E games. There’s still lots more to tell, and next week, we’ll focus on the first wave of our gaming products — P2E metaverse quests and adventures. Until then, thanks for joining us and to learn more, check us out at, on TikTok, IG and Twitter.

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