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  • Greg Phillips

Interoperability and the metaverse.

The concept of the metaverse, a virtual world where people can interact and engage with one another in a shared virtual space, has quickly moved from concept to reality. With the development of advanced technologies including virtual and augmented reality, the metaverse has quickly matured and is poised to welcome mass adoption sooner rather than later.

Much has changed since Neal Stephenson first coined the term ‘metaverse’ in his book, Snow Crash in 1992. However, the one constant is that in order for this virtual depiction of our reality to be successful, the metaverse must embrace and lead the charge for interoperability.

The metaverse holds a lot of promise. But for it to truly succeed, it must

make strides to become a truly interoperable environment for all to enjoy.

The true meaning (and value) of interoperability.

Interoperability in the metaverse refers to the ability of different virtual worlds and platforms to work together, allowing users to move between them without issue. The prime benefit is that this will enable users to have a seamless, integrated experience across multiple virtual worlds, platforms, and devices.

Anime Village has been a strong proponent of interoperability from the very start because it falls right in line with our brand tenets of empowering users, keeping their data safe and, of course, making sure they have a whole lot of fun along the way.

Why interoperability is so important.

Interoperability is crucial to a true, decentralized metaverse. First and foremost, it enables users to enjoy a more seamless and integrated experience, allowing them to move between different virtual worlds with ease.

This makes interacting with one another and participating in different activities and events within the metaverse much more enjoyable. Just imagine taking your Anime Village original avatar, Shin’ichi Tanso, and exploring The Sandbox and checking out what’s going on in the land of Roblox. Or, being able to use your OctoHedz or Nezuko Kamado avatar to engage in quests featured in our action-themed Fury Falls metaverse? It’s all in play. Literally.

Anime Village has teamed up with Ready Player Me to create its interoperable

Avatars based on the characters from its original manga!

Another key benefit interoperability poses is innovation and collaboration. By enabling different virtual worlds to work together, developers can create more advanced and sophisticated applications and experiences, leveraging the strengths of multiple platforms.

Lastly, interoperability will help promote greater accessibility and inclusivity. By allowing users to access different virtual worlds without barriers, the metaverse will become more accessible to a wider range of people, while allowing them to explore it as they see fit.

Easier said than done.

There’s no denying interoperability offers many benefits, but there’s also some challenges that need to be overcome. One of the main hurdles is the development of common standards and protocols that enable different virtual worlds and platforms to communicate and work together. This will require collaboration and coordination between different developers and stakeholders in the metaverse ecosystem.

Another challenge is ensuring the security and privacy of user data when moving between different virtual worlds. This will require the formation of standards and protocols that protect user data and ensure it’s not compromised when moving between these virtual environments.

So, how does Anime Village stand apart?

Anime Village’s drive towards interoperability goes well beyond our partnership with Ready Player me. That’s why we’re building a metaverse that allows you to bring the items you’ve earned in a Polygon, Hedera or other blockchain games right into Anime Village.

This is the first time any platform has offered this capability. And it’s vital to us, because we just don’t say we’re proponents of a truly decentralized, interoperable Internet. We mean it!

To us, the key to interoperability is the flexibility of the blockchain and the ability to flow digital assets between one decentralized network to the other. Sure, we’d love for everyone to use Anime Village avatars, buy our NFTs and so on. But that’s not what it’s all about. True interoperability can only be achieved by creating a user experience that’s best suited for you. And that means providing you with the ability to use your digital wares anywhere you want.

Wrapping it all up.

The emerging metaverse holds countless intriguing possibilities for developers and users alike, offering new opportunities for everyone to interact and engage with one another in a shared virtual space. However, for the metaverse to be truly successful, interoperability will be key.

By enabling different virtual worlds to work together, it will enhance the user experience, promote greater innovation and collaboration, and make the metaverse more accessible and inclusive.

As coincidence has it, these are all prime goals of Anime Village — to create an engaging, inclusive, safe and secure environment for anime, manga and gaming fans, while giving them the tools they need to experience the metaverse exactly how they want.

Thanks for joining us!

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