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  • Greg Phillips

It’s the Metaverse. Only different.

We’re often asked about the Anime Village Metaverse and in turn, what sets us apart from other virtual worlds such as Decentraland and the Sandbox. Before we get into those distinctions, it’s important to arrive at a common definition of what the Metaverse is. In our view, it can be explained as:

A digital platform that provides alternate experiences that replicate those in the physical world, along with aspects including social interactions, currency, trade, economy and property ownership – founded on a bedrock of blockchain technology.

With that being said, we can now do a ‘deep dive’ into how Anime Village’s digital platform separates itself from the competition:

1. Integration

2. Narrative

3. Personalization

Let’s break each of these down to gain a better understanding of what we’re building, what it will offer you as a user and buyer and finally, how we’ll be making a positive impact on the creative and Web3 communities.


I began my career some 20 years ago as a copywriter. As an unabashed lover of the printed word, it was the one vocation that allowed me to marry a profession with my passions. As my career progressed and the digital age came to the fore, integrated programs and campaigns became the norm as opposed to the exception.

For those of you unfamiliar, an integrated marketing/advertising program/campaign is one that combines a host of channels (i.e., television, radio, online ads, social media, etc.) to promote a consistent message.

I’ve always been a fan of this tactic, as it allows you to cast a wider net to a bigger audience, while ensuring you remain on-budget while never diluting the core message. So, when it was time to build Anime Village’s business model, I vied for the same approach.

The difference between what we’re doing and a typical advertising and marketing campaign, though, is that we’re uniting products, services and promotions into one unified front. The infographic below shows you the path we’re taking:

Anime Village’s integrated approach fosters brand building, user engagement and customization.

1. Our hybrid model (crypto/traditional pay) enables a much wider fanbase to buy, sell and engage.

2. Storylines and characters introduced in our all-original Manga series drive our Metaverse,

3. Fans, along with their trusty Avatar, engage in Metaverse quests driven by Manga narratives.

4. Social integration facilitates easy sharing.

5. Role Playing Games (RPG) based on Anime Village’s manga titles. Take your avatar and experience playing games.

6. Original Anime shows inspired by Anime Village’s all-original Manga, covering a broad spectrum of genres: Action, Adventure, Supernatural and Slice of Life.


This is where Anime Village really distinguishes itself. That’s because we’ve created a business model that unites our original Manga, Metaverse, NFTs, Avatars and other virtual swag into one cohesive experience.

The first foray into our story-driven worlds will be our action Village, Fury Falls, which will be supported by plots and characters introduced in our Manga, Adamanto.

Fury Falls (right) will be driven by stories and feature characters introduced in Anime Village’s original Manga, Adamanto (left)

Fury Falls/Adamanto will be followed up by our slice of life Village, Harmony Hills, which includes stories from the forthcoming Toon & Kigo Manga. From there, it’s our adventure Village, Legends Gate and Manga, croMAGNUM and finally, the supernaturally-inspired Mystic Valley virtual Village, which showcases the tales and characters appearing in the Manga, (un)Dead Reckoning.

Above and beyond the stories, heroes and villains we’re populated our virtual Villages with, we’ll also be including artifacts and items also pulled straight from the lore. We aren’t kidding when we say we’re taking Anime and Manga fans’ experience to the next level.

But wait. There’s more.

We’ve got many other products and services to support our Metaverse and Manga, most notably utility-rich NFTs and land parcels.

We’ve recently launched our first two NFT collections, Tetsu and Gaido. The latter offers buyers an annual virtual keepsake for as long as they hold the NFT. Tetsu, meanwhile will give purchasers a 1-of-1 Avatar wearing the same custom samurai gear featured in the corresponding artwork. We’ll be releasing four new series based on the Tetsu model, along with new characters from Adamanto that will also be available in Avatar form in 2023.

Utility-based NFTs and land parcels available in various sizes are part of the Anime Village product mix.


Realizing that fans like to engage with their passions in different ways, we’ve built our products and services to be highly customizable. This comes in the form of our hybrid model (crypto and traditional pay) and how you choose to engage in our Metaverse.

Maybe you’re a hardcore gamer and like to go on quests that can last for days. Or maybe you’re more casual and just want to hang out with friends and check out the latest Manga. Whatever your style, Anime Village can cater to it with our wide breadth of products and services that can be purchased how you want and engage you in a way that’s just right for you.

2023 is going to be big!

Anime Village has a lot planned for 2023…A multi-player playable demo of Village 555, the hub of our Metaverse; a Fury Falls demo that introduces stories from the Adamanto Manga, four new clans for the Tetsu Collection of NFTs; additional Adamanto chapters; introducing our supernatural Manga, (un)Dead Reckoning. And so much more!

That’s a wrap for this week’s blog. As always, we welcome you to join us on TikTok, IG and Twitter for company updates and industry insights. You can also listen to the latest Anime Village happenings on our new podcast, available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

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