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  • Greg Phillips

Land ho!

There’s no denying the blockchain industry has seen its ups and down, especially as of late. But no matter how you slice it, blockchain technology has changed the digital landscape forever and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Web3 is the next incarnation of the Internet and it brings a wealth of benefits and functionality for users to take advantage of. This certainly includes Metaverse land, which, like the industry it serves, has seen good and bad days.

That’s the nature of any emerging marketplace. When something new takes holds, a multitude of individuals and organizations jump of the virtual ‘bandwagon,’ offering products and serviced that don’t provide any true value.

But this is a necessary step for the blockchain to gain legitimacy and in turn, public trust. And it’s well on its way, especially when you consider that the digital real estate market is expected to increase by nearly $5.5B by 2026. The recent ‘cool off’ has obviously tempered expectations. However, virtual land isn’t going anywhere. It’s just finding its true form and seeking developers that offer consumers a valuable, functional commodity.

Source: RubyHome

Location, location, location.

Actually, a more suitable headline would be, ‘Value, value, value.’ And we’re not just talking about price and appraisal. Similar to NFTs, we believe virtual land needs to be functional and provide purchasers with utility.

The land we’re offering at Anime Village certainly upholds these ideals, while also sticking to the notion that it provides fans of Anime and Manga with a new way to experience what they’re most passionate about.

We’re currently getting ready for pre-sales in Village 555, the hub of our Metaverse. This virtual space will allow businesses and individuals to build their brands and create a space for their friends and customers to engage with them like never before.

Then, of course, there’s our Genre Villages, which are based on the most popular categories in Anime and Manga: Action, Adventure, Slice of Life and Supernatural. Each will have their very own Metaverse: Fury Falls (action), Legends Gate (Adventure), Slice of Life (Harmony Hills) and Mystic Valley (supernatural).

The ‘cool’ factor about these Villages is that each will have its own aesthetic appeal, with architecture and landscapes inspired by their respective genres. This will also give fans and businesses a more targeted means in which to buy virtual land that’s more in line with their products and services or personal tastes.

Land is available in a variety of sizes and locales, with a total of 133,970 parcels available in Village 555. We’ll also be offering discounts for the Alpha 1 release, with a 30% markdown for the initial release and 20% for the second.

Anime Village virtual land comes available in four parcel sizes.

Experience is everything.

We’re often asked what makes our virtual land different from, say, what you’ll find at Decentraland or the Sandbox. Well, aside from the fact that our spaces are modelled after the aforementioned fantastical genres, our Metaverse is also being driven by the stories we’re introducing in our all-original Manga series.

So, for instance, when you purchase land in Fury Falls, you and your neighbors will be engaging in quests and activities inspired by the plotlines of our action Manga, Adamanto. You’ll also have great views and vistas of districts based on some amazing sub-genres including ancient Japan, cyberpunk, mecha…the list goes on.

From left to right: Pre-Alpha Village 555; Final concepts: Fury Falls and Mystic Valley;

Concept Designs: Legends Gate, Harmony Hills

Cut to the chase.

Like everything we do here at Anime Village, our virtual land upholds the spirit of Anime and Manga, while providing buyers with value and utility. And it all begins with the pre-sale of Village 555 parcels, which we’re preparing to get out into the marketplace before year’s end.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to email our resident land baron at And as always, we welcome you to follow us on our social channels, check out the playable demo, read the preview of our Manga and more at

Thanks for your time and more big news to come!

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