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  • Greg Phillips

The best of all worlds.

There’s no denying Web3 and the digital economy have seen their share of turmoil over the past few years. What with FTX, insanely overpriced products that provide zero value (NFTs) and so much more, consumers are rightfully questioning the legitimacy of the space.

Anime Village, like so many other companies, has certainly been affected by the aforementioned. Though when all is said and done, we feel the recent tumult was necessary to weed out the posers and make way for organizations that are committed to providing functional, valuable products and services that are worth your hard-earned dollars.

That’s where our hybrid model comes into play (along with many other value-add products and services…but we’ll focus on those at another time).

Anime Village’s hybrid model allows you to engage your way: purchase products and services with your credit card, Bitcoin or Ethereum, supported by Polygon’s decentralized platform.

Engage your way.

The Anime Village team includes some advertising and marketing professionals, who have applied their skills and expertise to build an integrated platform that’s built to allow all manner of consumers to engage with our products and services as they see fit.

We originally devised our hybrid model as a measure of inclusivity. Meaning, some younger fans or those not familiar with the blockchain should always feel free to engage with us. So, you can acquire all our products and services with more traditional payment methods.

For those fans who embrace the blockchain, meanwhile, we support Bitcoin and Ethereum as well. So, no matter what your preference, we’ve got you covered!

A personalized experience.

Being fans ourselves has made building the Anime Village platform much easier. That’s because it’s allowed us to develop a series of products and services that work together in any way you see fit. Just think of it like a puzzle, where you can take the pieces you really want to form the experience that’s best for you.

Maybe you just want to hang out with some friends and talk about the latest episode of Chainsaw Man. Perhaps you’re a hardcore gamer and want to engage in an extended quest to earn cool artifacts and upgrades. Or, maybe you just want to kick back and check out the latest Anime Village Manga.

Whatever your style, you can create a customized experience that’s just right for you, with a payment system that’s also tailored to your exact specs.

Want to buy and customize your virtual space? Go right ahead…

…NFTs more your thing? Pick up an Anime Village utility-rich work of art…

…Manga fans rejoice! Anime Village’s all-original Adamanto has just dropped…

…and for all you gaming fans, you can engage with quests and other story-driven adventures based on the plots we’re introducing in our Manga series!

Stay tuned.

Another week, another blog. Thanks for joining us as we continue to launch new value-added products and services to engage Anime and Manga fans like never before! You should also make sure to follow us on TikTok and IG as we’re running a cool giveaway program where you can snap up some exclusive Anime swag. And finally, have a listen to the latest Anime Village podcast as we welcome Stephaine Nadolny, voice actor of Goku DB and teen Gohan DBZ!

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