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  • Greg Phillips

The Creative Process

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

In my opinion, the ‘creative process’ is a bit of a misnomer. Because every creator, at least those I’ve met, has their own unique process. So, tabling it as such infers that there’s a set list of steps taken to create anything from a painting or floorplan to an electric car and in our case, Manga, Metaverse world-building, Avatar creation and so much more.

The Anime Village process.

The genesis for our Manga titles, Avatars and Metaverse is based on our love for (you guessed it) Anime. Taking it a step back, we wanted to create a new way for fans to experience their love for the medium, which got us to thinking how we can combine technology and creativity to do just that.

We also wanted to ensure that fans of all walks of life are catered to. In other words, those who love action and adventure or supernatural and slice of life — whatever genre you’re into, Anime Village can deliver an experience that’s customized to your exact needs.

So, we developed characters, stories and a series of virtual Villages based on the aforementioned genres, commingling storytelling with Metaverse interactivity to create a wholly immersive experience that literally drops you into a living, breathing anime.

Of course, there’s more to it than that. But that’s essentially the process we followed when creating our worlds and the characters that inhabit them.

The best creative is all about collaboration.

Whether it was during my days as a creative director to working on all things Anime Village, I discovered a long time ago that the best final product is always a team effort. I don’t know how many times I’ve experienced this, where I fabricate some cockamamy idea, thinking it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Then, I propose it to a friend or colleague, who invariably says, ‘that’s pretty cool. But what if you did this with the character, or that with the backstory?’

Again and again, these collaborations have made something good great. And that certainly holds true for Adamanto, our upcoming Manga, as our resident artist, Kevin Briones and I, have teamed up to take our creative ideas to the proverbial next level.

The rest of the Anime Village team also played a crucial as we fine-tuned the look and feel of our characters and stories. Like I said, teamwork makes the dream work (cheesy, I know, but oh-so-true) and this certainly applies to all of our creative endeavors here at Anime Village.

Shin’ichi Tanso, Adamanto’s chief protagonist, took on this final form after multiple creative sessions with the AV team of business partners, artists, designers and writers.

The newest member of the team.

Kevin Briones has been working as an art director, designer and illustrator for over 20 years. He’s conceptualized and led creative teams in developing experiential and 360 campaigns, predominantly for sports entertainment and live events. His passion, though, has always been for comic book and Manga illustration.

Showcasing his work at various comic conventions since 2012, Kevin illustrates and self publishes his own titles, Neon Black and The Go-Man: Devil from Heaven | Angel from Hell.

Today, Kevin is applying his inimitable artistic touches to Admanato and we’ve gotta say…it’s blowing our minds! We’ll be sharing some of his dynamic panel work in the coming weeks for all of you to feast your eyes.

The bottom line.

Anime Village is comprised of a varied group of professionals — from business and marketing to development, design, writing and finance. What they all share in common, though, is a love for Anime and Manga, and an unbridled passion to deliver unique experiences to fans across the globe.

I’m glad to say this passion will be on full display when we drop the Adamanto ashcan in mid-July. It’ll give you a taste of the storytelling styles Anime Village has to offer as we prepare to launch the first Volume of Adamanto throughout the coming months and then follow that up with our three other original titles: CroMAGNUM, (un)Dead Reckoning and Toon & Kigo. You can learn more about these titles and more here.

Until then, thanks for your time and attention. We’ll keep you updated on our Metaverse (a demo is going to be ready soon) and other products and services here on the @AVisComing blog along with all our social channels.

See you next week!

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