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Welcome to the @AVisComing blog!

We’re excited to announce the first ever post of the @AVisComing blog! Over the past few months, we’ve been dropping videos, company updates and industry articles on Anime Village’s social feeds. Now that our business has gained some traction, we thought it’s a good time to get into more details about who we are, what we’re developing and most importantly, what’s in store for #anime, #manga and gaming fans as we get set to launch our mixed reality #metaverse later this year.

We hope you find the @AVisComing blog helpful. And as always, we’re looking to you to tell us what content you want to see and learn more about. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the ride!

So, who is Anime Village anyway?

We’re glad you asked because as coincidence has it, that’s the subject of this first installment of our blog. From here on out, we’ll be covering a broad spectrum of topics — from the metaverse and #web3 to, Anime, Manga, gaming, writing, illustrating and more. Anything that has to do with these incredible artforms and technology will be open for debate and discussion.

The Metaverse is about to get a whole lot more fun!

First and foremost, the members of the Anime Village team are fans of (you guessed it) Anime and Manga. We’re also big-time gamers. As such, we’re always on the hunt for new and exciting ways to explore our passions. We didn’t have much luck until one fateful day we said to ourselves, ‘What if we were able to transport into a virtual world that was inspired by Anime? It would have the look and feel of our favorite shows and films, and feature some amazing characters, worlds and experiences that harness the power of the Metaverse and Web3?’

Well, that would be cool. Really cool. So, we went forth and started mapping out our unique virtual space, which as you’ll soon see is dedicated to different genres — the Action-packed Fury Falls; The Adventurous Legends Gate; The Supernaturally-inspired Mystic Valley; And, the Slice-of-Life-centric Harmony Hills.

In short, we’re taking a storytelling approach to the Metaverse, introducing narratives, journeys, quests and achievements that are tied to our original Manga series, while also incorporating more typical Metaverse transactions including NFTs, land purchases...the list goes on.

The journey.

Your adventure begins at the epicenter, or hub, of our Metaverse, which is Village 555. This is where you can engage with other visitors via various social connections and from there, choose the Village that you like best.

You’ll explore these worlds via your very own Avatar, which is based on our forthcoming all-original Manga series Adamanto (Action), CroMAGNUM (Adventure), (un)Dead Reckoning (Supernatural) and Toon & Kigo. Or, if you prefer, you can create your very own virtual self.

The goal is to create unique, customized experiences through innovative environments featuring streaming solutions, games, social activities, NFTs, AR, VR (WebXR) and the aforementioned Avatars.

What’s (more) in store for users?

We’re also planning to introduce a self-publishing platform to support aspiring creators to publish their amazing work, hook up with other artists and writers… even learn from some of the top pros in the biz. But that’s going a bit further down the road.

For now, we’re launching with Village 555, Fury Falls, Adamanto (Manga and NFTs), the Avatar builder and Anime Village’s wallet and tokens, which we affectionately call $AVTS.

Your journey begins.

Hopping onto (coming later this year…we’ll provide updates on a regular basis), the first step is creating your Avatar. As mentioned, you can pick from our original stable of characters, or create your own.

As an example, say you picked Snin’ichi Tanso (very nice choice BTW), the protagonist of our action-packed Manga series, Adamanto. With Shi ready to rumble, you can remain in Village 555 to check out some of the amazing landmarks, engage with other visitors courtesy of our social media connectivity or just roam and explore.

If you simply can’t wait to scratch your ‘action itch,’ you can make a beeline to Fury Falls as you’re treated to (or is that bombarded by) this most perilous of Anime Village’s locales. You can also take a bit of a breather, crack open your wallet, and purchase a parcel of land and build your very own Fury Falls homestead. It’s your call.

An important thing to remember about Anime Village is that we’re all about the experience. So, if you don’t have a wallet or you just want to get your feet wet, you can still join the party. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — we’re fans and we’re all about celebrating Anime and Manga. That means everyone is welcome and you’re encouraged to participate as you see fit.

Stay connected.

Hopefully you’re getting an idea about what Anime Village is all about, and what makes us different from other Metaverse experiences. We’ll be dropping more details in the coming weeks., so stay tuned!

Until then, have fun!

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