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Shin'ichi tanso

GIVEN NAME:          Oda Nobunaga

PLACE OF BIRTH:   Owari Province (Japan)

DATE OF BIRTH:      663 BC

AFFILIATIONS:        Tetsu Clan (former), Yamoto Clan (current)

HEIGHT:                   5’7”

WEIGHT:                  155 lbs.

HAIR:                       Black

EYES:                      Brown (normal), Blue, no discernible pupils                                     (Nexus form)

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: As a Yamoto Clam member, Shin’ichi has a winged firedrake emblem burned into his chest. When donning the Nexus on Adamanto, his body is enshrouded in a translucent field composed on life energy. As he taps into this living force, his eyes also take on a bright blue color, which allow him to see clearly in all spectrums, underwater and even through solid surfaces.

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