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A Social Metaverse Platform


A Metaverse dedicated to Anime,

Manga and gaming!

Anime Village



Anime Village (AV) is uniting its passion for Anime, Manga and gaming with user-focused Web3 technology to build a Metaverse, or Virtual Anime Villages, to explore, buy, sell and engage with friends and fellow fans.


From Anime-inspired Avatars, value-added NFTs, RPGs and story-driven quests, to all-original Manga, live events, shopping venues and more — AV is taking engagement to the next level with a wholly immersive, intuitive, secure virtual space.



Village 555, the hub of our Metaverse, is where your journey begins. You can choose from our all-original Avatars, or build your very own with our Avatar Builder. Once your virtual self is GTG, you’ll be ready to explore and interact with your friends via our pending connectivity to social platforms including Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, Discord and more.



Like Anime Village’s Metaverse, our Avatars are inspired by some of the most popular genres out there — Action, Adventure, Supernatural and Slice of Life. You can also build your Avatar via our highly customizable Avatar Builder.


We’ll also be launching a multitude of sub-genres, so no matter what your favorite type of tale might be, we’ve got you covered!

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