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Putting the ‘Fun’ in Non-Fungible Tokens


Every Anime Village’s NFT has its own unique look and style. But what they all have in common is providing added value in the form of utility.


Whether it’s a 1-of-1 Avatar, Metaverse swag or exclusive deals on Manga, virtual land and more, each and every NFT we mint offers you something to enhance the overall experience to take your Anime adventure to the next level!




Shin’ichi Tanso, star of Anime Village’s original Manga, Adamanto, is featured in his very own NFT series—  the “Tetsu Collection.” Celebrating the legacy of Shin’ichi’s illustrious Clan while exploring alternate bloodlines based on historical armors, purchasers of Tetsu NFTs will receive a FREE 1-of-1 Avatar adorned with the very same custom armor to explore our Metaverse in style.


The “Tetsu Collection” is comprised of 6 Clans, and we’re launching with the first 2: Hitetsu and Nōburu, each of which is comprised of 5 unique members.

NFT's available now.




Hitetsu heralded the transition from the Stone Age through the Bronze, an ideal compound for nautical applications due to its  high resistance to corrosion. This is why Hitetsu’s symbol is that of an Atakebune, a coastal naval war vessel. Members include::


Clan Nōburu is renowned for its undying dedication to upholding tradition. The compounds this Clan has derived its namesake from possess high densities and electrical conductivities, inspiring its symbol of an electrical charge or lightning. Members include:



Suki, the guide of Anime Village’s Metaverse, is now available as an NFT! Choose between 10 custom pieces, each showcasing a unique environment that dispels our diminutive overseer’s mood. When you purchase a Gaido NFT, you can choose exclusive content available in Anime Village metaverse (coming soon).

The “Gaido Collection” features 10 distinct NFTs:

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